Yara Hoogland

Winner of the 2021 Bath Novel Awards Silk Prize for outstanding achievement in fiction for HOMEBOUND

Yara is a big fan of all things gritty, occasionally things cosy, rarely rom-coms, but always dramas.

Once upon a time, too long ago, a teacher told her she should become a writer. And, as the ever-so-good student she was, she decided to do just that. This wasn’t an easily made decision, of course. No, it wasn’t clear back then that the words had ignited something inside, planted a seed that would sprout and blossom overtime.

Instead, she took the wrong train. Destination: Not Meant To Be. Yara had always been a big horse girl (it’s not that bad!) and after finishing school at 16, she dived head first into a career with horses.

This adventure proved to not be the one she desired. However, it wasn’t a bad decision. Because, if you think about it, who doesn’t love an occasional horse-related fun-fact?

Now, not so many years later, Yara is set to graduate with a degree from a University she hadn’t heard of before she took the right train (fun fact: she’s Dutch). She now lives, loves, laughs in Bristol and hopes to stay there for a bit longer.

Contact Yara: yara_hoogland@hotmail.com