Tamsin Shaw

Since she wrote a silly story about a girl who lived in an imaginary snowy scape with a polar bear and magic, deeply plagiarising Phillip Pullman’s Northern Lights series, Tamsin knew that she was stuck. Whatever came along from there, nothing ever made her feel quite the way writing did.

Now twenty-two, she’s come a long way from that girl with her polar bear, with significantly less plagiarism – basically none, she promises. Writing character driven stories that have a focus on women and the friendships and hardships that pull us through life, she hopes to continue her journey as a writer.

Since she finished her degree in creative and professional writing at UWE, Tamsin hopes to pursue her writing career even further. Whether that’s through travel writing, writing for magazines, or publishing a book, she knows that she will always have that girl with her polar bear to keep at her side, to remember why she ever wrote a story in the first place.