Ryan Thresher

From a very young age I’ve always been inspired by stories that capture the reader’s imagination and take them away from the real world and the worries and stress it brings. This is what has inspired me to strive to make my own work better from piece to piece, ever since I was a kid watching Doctor Who and being whisked away into a weird and wonderful world full of amazing sights and monsters.   

In primary school I entered a competition in which the winner would get their poem published into a book called Once Upon a Rhyme. I was one of the lucky few whose poem was selected for publication. That day sparked my dream of one day becoming a writer.

When I first started at university, I dreamed of becoming a comic book writer. But in recent years I have been inspired by the success of people like Alannah Pearce, who built up a career for herself within video game journalism and has now gone on to be a writer at SIE (Sony Interactive Entertainment).

When I leave university, I want to be able to build a name for myself within the video game market as a journalist, with the hope of one day going onto to write for a video game. My ambition is to write for games like Apex Legends, a game that has been a major inspiration for me throughout my years at university. Their morals of representation is something that I have always strived to include in my own work and is something that I want to be able to embody going forward. I want to be able to be that voice for people who feel like they don’t matter. To be able to inspire people to fight for what’s right and what they believe in.