Phoebe Kingdon

Born and raised in South Devon, Phoebe Kingdon grew up with three major influences.

Firstly, her large, loud, and slightly dysfunctional family encouraged her to act as the leader in her own life.

Secondly, her countryside surroundings created the perfect landscape for childhood adventures and stories, and became the kindling for her creative spark.

Finally, her Steiner education allowed her to gain clear insight into her own creative motivations, while learning the importance of valuing those she shared her space with.

As an adult she has now kicked grass for gravel, and is pursuing these inspirations through studying Creative and Professional Writing at UWE, Bristol. She finds her strengths in writing are through fiction, poetry, and the creative avenues of copy. As well as a love for her work, the excitement of being able to translate truths to an audience in her unique voice is at the forefront of her passion for writing.

Whether chatting openly with her colleagues, sitting quietly in concentration, or actively searching for answers, it is likely that Phoebe will have her shoes off, hair up, and the hint of a smile on her face.