Natasha Hadley

Tash started her writing journey at seven years old when she was tasked to write a fable in her English lesson. Back then, she wasn’t the best at following briefs and ended up with a hand-written ten-page story that was quite far from what would classify as a fable but was sure on its way to a decent short-story. For a seven-year-old, anyway.

At 21 years old, Tash’s love for fiction and the beauty of words, story and character has encouraged her to continue writing short stories. She is currently working on a dark, yet charming piece titled ‘All My Friends Are Dead’ and hopes to one day publish an anthology of her weird and wonderful stories.

Being a lover of film and TV for most of her life, it was not a surprise that during her Creative and Professional Writing course Tash found an additional love in screenwriting. She hopes to one day see her own work on screen so that she can binge-watch and cringe at the thought of people watching something that she’s written.

When Tash isn’t writing, you can find her enjoying movies and cocktails with her housemates in Bristol or tucked away at her family home in the Welsh Countryside with her dogs and a good book.

Tash is excited to continue exploring different forms of writing, developing her own style, and she can’t wait to see where her writing takes her.