Luke Grierson

One thing you might not know about Luke is that for over ten years he has been drumming and now plays in the band Quiche (it’s a working title) with his brother John and his mate Paddy. He credits his full marks on his last drum exam to Keith Moon, as he was up late at a Who concert the night before, and thus never plays without his trusty pair of lucky sticks that he bought at the gig.

When he’s busy not making a racket, he spends his time sat in cafes writing scripts and drinking cappuccinos. Luke also has a massive passion for cooking curries and pastas, and is always trying new things in his blender and his trusty wok (although he is yet to cook a quiche).

From a young age Luke had a vivid imagination and a passion for telling stories. Although less conventional that most writers, where Roald Dahl had his shed, Luke had his trampoline. As a kid, he always found he got the most inspiration while jumping on his trampoline, as the mix of fresh air and the hum of the springs would allow Luke to bounce ideas around in his head, creating characters, stories and whole worlds.