Liam Goodman

Liam Goodman is a copy, script, and songwriter. With his quirky style – particularly seen in a dress sense fit for a grandmother’s curtains – he is often found using humour to craft a narrative. His romantic poem, ‘Checkout of the Self’, made him a semi-finalist in the Lyra Poetry Slam.

Coming from the depths of the Devon countryside, Goodman’s work is often centred around landscape and the quiet magic of the everyday. This interest in subtlety stretches from the rolling hills of Dartmoor to the galleries and pubs of Bristol; specifically, the stories that locals have to tell of these places. These themes bring with them a core philosophy of bringing about a message through narrative in order to allow the reader to learn through experience.

Goodman has a keen interest in folk and indie music. He explores this in deconstructions of albums and songs as well as narrative non-fiction pieces that discuss musical pieces that are important to him and how they have impacted his life. In addition to this, he has written songs of his own that focus on family, relationships, and mental health.