Liam Cope

Ladies and gentlemen,

May we present to you Liam Cope, the world’s first B2B bad boy.

Don’t know what that means? Well, first take your average, run of the mill content writer, and drag them through the unforgiving wilderness of the southwest Adlands with nothing but a clicky pen and several unfinished notepads. Slap on a couple of tattoos and what we’re left with is a highly-skilled, up and coming copywriter who’s had his thumb to the wayside for over a year.

And while this may come off as arrogant and self-aggrandizing, we find that in the competitive world of SELL, confidence shouldn’t be a crime. Convincing people you are exactly what they want is the business we find ourselves in, every single day of our lives.

So, are you in?

Liam’s writing