Lauren Baker

I’m Lauren, a professional copywriter and journalist with a passion for health, fitness, and food. I’ve recently finished my BA in Creative and Professional Writing at UWE Bristol and currently work for FUEL10K as their Community Manager. 

Before landing my graduate job, I freelanced for food companies creating online content. Often producing blogs, social media posts, and website copy from a brand’s perspective, I can immerse myself in their tone of voice and love getting to know their values and key messaging.

My current role is fast paced, dealing with all our customers, managing social media pages, and implementing email campaigns for our audience, to name just a few responsibilities. 

My time at UWE and my placement year in Sports PR helped prepare me for the ‘adult’ world (although, council tax was a horrible surprise…) and I’m looking forward to seeing where the next few years take me.

When I’m not working or eating granola by the box, you’ll find me in the gym, at a restaurant in Wapping Wharf, or arguing whether a margarita should have a sugared or salted rim. The answer is sugared, if you were wondering… 

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