Isaac Smaldon-Jones

Finalist for the 2021 Bath Novel Awards Silk Prize for outstanding achievement in fiction for THE HORROR AT MISKATONIC UNIVERSITY

Isaac is an aspiring novelist, screenwriter and copywriter from a rural town in Devon. At age 18 he escaped to Bristol, where he studied at the University of the West of England. However, he could not escape his life-long fascination with macabre. This interest led him down the strange pathways of cosmic horror, dark fantasy, and black comedy, which have become the staples of his writing style, in both prose and screenwriting.

Studying history, psychology, and philosophy at sixth form had a profound impact on his outlook of the world, and he loves incorporating these topics into his work. Class struggle, existentialism, and the cosmic insignificance of humanity are motifs that crop up particularly often in his work. He’s not bitter, he swears.

Nevertheless, he would rather the starving artist stereotype remained that: a stereotype. Because of this he has been honing his skills in commercial copywriting and non-fiction over his academic career, fields which have peaked his interest since starting university.

His long term goal is to become a published novelist. In the short term, he just wants to be paid to write, wherever that may take him.

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