Grace Ball

It all started with a lion. Or, rather, a short story about a lion.

‘The Lion’s Tale’ was Grace’s first story published in an anthology, when she was just nine years old. Writing later became her passion when a story of a Dalek won Grace a place on the shortlist of the Wicked Young Writers’ Award at age fourteen. A lion who had lost his mum and a Dalek who wanted to be good; two very different characters who solidified their creator’s purpose in life- to write. To write words that enable readers to feel, to hope, to learn and to choose.

This passion led Grace to the Creative and Professional Writing degree at UWE. Throughout her studies Grace has honed her existing skills and learnt brand new ones. From crime fiction to soap operas, cheese copy to essays about human identity, Grace has embraced the chance to try her hand at writing in all its varied forms. Her time at university has surprised her in many ways, her newfound passion for screenwriting being one. She was proud to be added to the Dean’s list for outstanding performance in the academic year of 2019-2020.

Grace’s love for TV and film has been a constant throughout her life, a source of comfort in darker times and a way to bring her friends together. When she’s not writing you’ll find her at the cinema, enthralled in alien worlds and cheesy love stories, or on the sofa shouting at the TV.

Grace is not quite sure what the future holds and, although she hopes screenwriting will play a part, she is open to pursue any direction that a career in writing might take her.