Charyse McCann

There’s nothing you would really expect from Chaz, you’ve probably never heard her say she hates anything. Especially music. She likes it all.

The kitchen is the part of a house where Chaz has the most fun, dancing with housemates throughout lockdown is what kept her sane. Although, she is an absolute olive fiend, so you’ll catch her sneaking back to the fridge for another handful. This isn’t a secret habit either, at a swanky restaurant she couldn’t keep her mitts off the pot of olives, causing the waiter to bring out yet another.

Few people will know but after Chaz’ first skydive in 2020 she decided that she wanted to take her life to new heights and eventually become a skydiving instructor. On a more serious note, Chaz loves politics and decided in second year she was going to write more things that hold her morals and values. This made her tackle personal and deep topics, so if you’re in the mood for something a little depressing then she’s your gal. Then cheer yourself up after because she works in a ‘schuh’ shop, so hit her up for discount.