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Saving Money and Saving the Planet UWE Style

As a student one of the main worries aside from assessments and marks is food.  A lot of students opt for a pot of noodles or a premade meal but those aren’t the best nutrition-wise or money-wise. Here are some eco-friendly ways to fill your stomach on a budget: 1) Scout Ahead One of the […]

A shared destination

by Liam Cope It’s been a long day. You’ve been at classes since 9am and there’s this feeling that’s been bubbling up inside. Maybe it’s exhaustion, or perhaps something’s been wearing on you from earlier. Your last class is wrapping and already you’re thinking about how long it’s going to take to get home. But […]

How to Choose the Perfect University

Choosing a uni is hard. So here’s a formula to help you find the perfect uni for you! by Luka Ball Looking for the right uni can be a nerve-wracking and tedious process. It’s a lot of pressure. So here’s a few sure-fire ways to help you on your way to finding the course you […]