Saving Money and Saving the Planet UWE Style

As a student one of the main worries aside from assessments and marks is food.  A lot of students opt for a pot of noodles or a premade meal but those aren’t the best nutrition-wise or money-wise.

Here are some eco-friendly ways to fill your stomach on a budget:

1) Scout Ahead

One of the best ways to save on produce is to look for the nearest and cheapest place to get fresh groceries. Keep in mind that some of these places might have apps with coupons or rewards to be earned. A good example of a budget friendly place if you live on Frenchay is the fruit and veggies stand. They offer pre-weighed local produce at £1 -2 per container. Bonus points if you bring your own eco bag to cut the need for plastic packaging.

2) Pick and Mix Produce

A lot of stores including the student Union Shops have the option for you to bring your own containers or bags and fill them with produce and pay by weight. This can be done with fruits and veggies, pasta, rice, cereal, candy and in some stores even things like flour, sugar, milk, detergents, cleaning products and many others. This has two benefits: it’s cheaper as you aren’t paying for packaging, and you can buy as much as you need instead of buying in bulk reducing wasted product.  

3) Meal Prep and Batch Cooking

There are a ton of meal prep charts, recipes and apps on the internet that can help you plan out your meals in time. A lot of apps give you exact measurements of each ingredient and add them to a virtual shopping list so you can hit the shops without forgetting anything. Pairing this with the previous two points can help you save on costs while also being mindful of the amount of plastic and food waste you produce each time you do your groceries.


A shared destination

by Liam Cope

It’s been a long day. You’ve been at classes since 9am and there’s this feeling that’s been bubbling up inside. Maybe it’s exhaustion, or perhaps something’s been wearing on you from earlier. Your last class is wrapping and already you’re thinking about how long it’s going to take to get home.

But then something happens.

A friend turns to you and says “Hey, we’re all heading over to the Student’s Union afterwards, if you want to come along?” It’s hard to really put into words the feeling of relief that comes with an invitation like that. You didn’t know it at the time or probably even most of the day for that matter. But you needed it. That outstretched hand to pull you from whatever funk you were in.

Perhaps, it’s knowing that your day doesn’t have to end just yet. That you can enjoy the company of friends without the stresses of coursework.

Even the walk over provides some sense of comfort. That usual feeling of limbo you get, waiting for the group of people you’re walking out of class with to split off, simply vanishes. A shared destination assures you that, if anything, your day is just beginning.

More often than not your given an opportunity to talk to someone you otherwise wouldn’t sit near. Sparking what could be beautiful new friendship.

Nothing ever feels calculated at the SU. The atmosphere that’s provided allows every interaction to take place naturally. How it starts as opposed to how it ends can be such a stark difference, you’re left thinking was that even me?

The SU can be so much more than just a place to replenish and regroup. It’s a hub that connects us all.

No matter what course you’re on, what age you are, we all share the same ups and downs of student life, and it can be nice to simply have somewhere to go and blow off steam.

Whether it’s freshers or just another day at UWE, the SU offers a space tailored for making the memories that make our university experience something truly special.

So why not make one today?


How to Choose the Perfect University

Choosing a uni is hard. So here’s a formula to help you find the perfect uni for you!

by Luka Ball

Looking for the right uni can be a nerve-wracking and tedious process. It’s a lot of pressure. So here’s a few sure-fire ways to help you on your way to finding the course you want, at a uni suited to you.

  1. Ignore other people

Saying goodbye to your family and friends to immerse yourself in an environment full of new people is an incredible opportunity to explore and push yourself.

Make sure to do things your own way and try not to take notice of what the people around you are doing or might expect you to do.

It’s also definitely worth asking yourself if the people influencing your decisions will even be in your life a year from now. If the answer might be no, then trust your gut and go with what interests YOU.

  1. Don’t Panic

A lot of people panic, rush into the process and end up coasting through a degree they don’t even like. So, take your time, mull over the choices, do your research and trust your own judgement.

  1. Make a Spreadsheet

We’ve taken the liberty to make a spreadsheet template for you to fill out HERE, so it’ll be easy-peasy. A lot of the information you’ll be looking at will be from uni websites and might be pretty biased.

If you have all the UCAS points, entry requirements, and pros and cons etc. in one list, you only have to navigate the data you need to know, which will make it much easier to manage.

  1. Prestige isn’t everything

The teaching style at each uni can vary, so it’s important to ask yourself what you want to get out of your degree. Try to find the employment rate for your course and reviews from current students.

It’s important to know that your degree is worth just as much from any other uni as it is from Oxford or Cambridge. While top unis can provide an amazing, rich educational experience, it doesn’t mean you’re going to get any less from somewhere else.

  1. Research the course

I know a few people who have attended prestigious unis for the reputation alone, before quickly realising the learning style was not suited to them.

Each course will have a different format. Use the course info page to get an idea of your workload and what your modules will be like. If you think you might suit a more relaxed and flexible learning environment, look for courses that can offer that.

  1. Look up the area

Have a quick google of the area and campus you’re going to be studying in. Some useful things to know are nightlife & club scene, popular activities, and see if you can find any potentially dangerous areas to avoid.

What Do I Do Now?

This is your life and your choice. People may try to rush you through this process, but take it bit by bit and give yourself permission to take things slow.

Uni is an excellent opportunity to expand your comfort zone and try new things, but don’t overextend yourself. You don’t have to make the decision straight away, or attend the uni with the highest grade requirements. Do what YOU want, that’s how you’ll get the most out of it!

Good luck 🙂


Tranquility? Fussball? Apples? We found them all at the Farmhouse

Frenchay Campus is UWE’s main campus and has the feel of a small town due to its many properties. There is our brand-new Engineering Building, winner of the British Construction Industry Awards 2021. There is our student accommodation, divided in the Student Village and Wallscourt Park. And there is our Farmhouse.  

Tucked away behind Wallscourt Park, the Farmhouse is our Student Centre just for you. There is a large lounge with sofas and bean bags, a small kitchen, and several meeting rooms for student groups. One of these meeting rooms is called the Darlington Suite and is equipped with a large screen and speaker system – ideal for watching films. The Suite also has a ping pong table and a fussball table. 

Yet the highlight of the Farmhouse is its surrounding grounds. University life can be hectic and Frenchay is a lively campus where there is always something happening. But on the Farmhouse’s grassy knoll you can unwind.  

At the bottom of the knoll there is a large pond, surrounded by a small woodland. As you walk on the grounds, it is easy to forget you are on a campus. Wallscourt Park is only a few feet away, yet a pleasant silence occupies the area. And if the weather cooperates, it is the perfect place to relax after a busy day at university – either with friends or just by yourself. 

Apart from the tranquillity, the Farmhouse grounds also have a more practical use. On the top of the grassy knoll, in front of the Farmhouse building, is an orchard. There are several rows of apple trees, with each tree a different species of apple. When ripened, you are free to help yourself and pick a fresh apple.  

There is also a Community Garden on the edge of the grounds, which welcomes all students and is free to use. By growing your own fruit and veg, you help minimising the environmental impact and reduce food miles. Plus, self-grown food is much tastier! 

So, when you feel overwhelmed by the increasing workload, take the time to unwind and clear you head with some fresh air. The Farmhouse is there when you need it. 

by Naomi Van den Berg