Saving Money and Saving the Planet UWE Style

As a student one of the main worries aside from assessments and marks is food.  A lot of students opt for a pot of noodles or a premade meal but those aren’t the best nutrition-wise or money-wise.

Here are some eco-friendly ways to fill your stomach on a budget:

1) Scout Ahead

One of the best ways to save on produce is to look for the nearest and cheapest place to get fresh groceries. Keep in mind that some of these places might have apps with coupons or rewards to be earned. A good example of a budget friendly place if you live on Frenchay is the fruit and veggies stand. They offer pre-weighed local produce at £1 -2 per container. Bonus points if you bring your own eco bag to cut the need for plastic packaging.

2) Pick and Mix Produce

A lot of stores including the student Union Shops have the option for you to bring your own containers or bags and fill them with produce and pay by weight. This can be done with fruits and veggies, pasta, rice, cereal, candy and in some stores even things like flour, sugar, milk, detergents, cleaning products and many others. This has two benefits: it’s cheaper as you aren’t paying for packaging, and you can buy as much as you need instead of buying in bulk reducing wasted product.  

3) Meal Prep and Batch Cooking

There are a ton of meal prep charts, recipes and apps on the internet that can help you plan out your meals in time. A lot of apps give you exact measurements of each ingredient and add them to a virtual shopping list so you can hit the shops without forgetting anything. Pairing this with the previous two points can help you save on costs while also being mindful of the amount of plastic and food waste you produce each time you do your groceries.

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