A shared destination

by Liam Cope

It’s been a long day. You’ve been at classes since 9am and there’s this feeling that’s been bubbling up inside. Maybe it’s exhaustion, or perhaps something’s been wearing on you from earlier. Your last class is wrapping and already you’re thinking about how long it’s going to take to get home.

But then something happens.

A friend turns to you and says “Hey, we’re all heading over to the Student’s Union afterwards, if you want to come along?” It’s hard to really put into words the feeling of relief that comes with an invitation like that. You didn’t know it at the time or probably even most of the day for that matter. But you needed it. That outstretched hand to pull you from whatever funk you were in.

Perhaps, it’s knowing that your day doesn’t have to end just yet. That you can enjoy the company of friends without the stresses of coursework.

Even the walk over provides some sense of comfort. That usual feeling of limbo you get, waiting for the group of people you’re walking out of class with to split off, simply vanishes. A shared destination assures you that, if anything, your day is just beginning.

More often than not your given an opportunity to talk to someone you otherwise wouldn’t sit near. Sparking what could be beautiful new friendship.

Nothing ever feels calculated at the SU. The atmosphere that’s provided allows every interaction to take place naturally. How it starts as opposed to how it ends can be such a stark difference, you’re left thinking was that even me?

The SU can be so much more than just a place to replenish and regroup. It’s a hub that connects us all.

No matter what course you’re on, what age you are, we all share the same ups and downs of student life, and it can be nice to simply have somewhere to go and blow off steam.

Whether it’s freshers or just another day at UWE, the SU offers a space tailored for making the memories that make our university experience something truly special.

So why not make one today?

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