Tranquility? Fussball? Apples? We found them all at the Farmhouse

Frenchay Campus is UWE’s main campus and has the feel of a small town due to its many properties. There is our brand-new Engineering Building, winner of the British Construction Industry Awards 2021. There is our student accommodation, divided in the Student Village and Wallscourt Park. And there is our Farmhouse.  

Tucked away behind Wallscourt Park, the Farmhouse is our Student Centre just for you. There is a large lounge with sofas and bean bags, a small kitchen, and several meeting rooms for student groups. One of these meeting rooms is called the Darlington Suite and is equipped with a large screen and speaker system – ideal for watching films. The Suite also has a ping pong table and a fussball table. 

Yet the highlight of the Farmhouse is its surrounding grounds. University life can be hectic and Frenchay is a lively campus where there is always something happening. But on the Farmhouse’s grassy knoll you can unwind.  

At the bottom of the knoll there is a large pond, surrounded by a small woodland. As you walk on the grounds, it is easy to forget you are on a campus. Wallscourt Park is only a few feet away, yet a pleasant silence occupies the area. And if the weather cooperates, it is the perfect place to relax after a busy day at university – either with friends or just by yourself. 

Apart from the tranquillity, the Farmhouse grounds also have a more practical use. On the top of the grassy knoll, in front of the Farmhouse building, is an orchard. There are several rows of apple trees, with each tree a different species of apple. When ripened, you are free to help yourself and pick a fresh apple.  

There is also a Community Garden on the edge of the grounds, which welcomes all students and is free to use. By growing your own fruit and veg, you help minimising the environmental impact and reduce food miles. Plus, self-grown food is much tastier! 

So, when you feel overwhelmed by the increasing workload, take the time to unwind and clear you head with some fresh air. The Farmhouse is there when you need it. 

by Naomi Van den Berg

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